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About Australia:

Australia is “down Under” the world and which is most beautiful country in the world. Simply put, Australia is one of the single most interesting and alluring locations in the world. Whether it's due to the positioning at the opposite side of the world from the traditional West, the legendarily friendly and fun-loving people with the appealing accents, or the ruggedness of its landscape juxtaposed with the supremely cosmopolitan cityscapes, Australia is a destination desirable to both travelers and students.

Australia is a country of dramatic landscapes, sun drenched beaches, coral reefs, tropical rain forests, deserts and bushland. All this contrasts with its cosmopolitan cities and metropolitan skylines. Australia is the world’s largest island continent and is approximately the size of mainland United States.

Australia’s population is approximately 19 million people. Australia is an extremely multicultural society and nearly one quarter of Australians were born overseas. There are nearly one million Asian-born Australians and about 2% of the populations are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. More than 100 different ethnic groups are represented in Australia, making Australia one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. Because of the multicultural flavour of the country, Australian cities are quite cosmopolitan. Sites showing human occupation in Australia date back 40,000 years. Australian Aborigines inhabited the country for more than 40,000 years, while European settlers first arrived in 1788.

Home-made pasta shops beside Turkish restaurants and Asian spice outlets. You can eat authentic food from virtually every nationality you can think of but you shouldn't leave without trying Australian fare. Australian chefs have taken the best of all the nationalities that live here and created a fantastic combination of ideas and flavours.

Don't be surprised to see Thai fish cakes, spaghetti marinara, fresh oysters, a curry dish and an Hellenic taramasalata on the menu of a brasserie which specialises in grilled steak and fish. Mostly the food is light and tasty which suits the climate. And it's always fresh because Australia grows a delectable range of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, cheeses and wines.

Australian wine is very famous al over the world. It's a popular weekend activity and the wines are winning awards all over the world. Major wine growing areas are within an hour’s drive of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, Tasmania and they all have open cellars for tastings.

National Parks:

Many of the national parks are close to and within cities. Some, such as the Blue Mountains National Park with its wildly spectacular mountain trails and scenery, are only an hours train ride from Sydney. Others can be reached by private car or you can join one of the many tour companies which go into the parks for a few hours or a few nights bush walking and camping with nature.

Go wild with the wildlife. It's weird. There are kangaroos which hop along, fluffy koalas which spend most of their lives asleep up gum trees, wombats which look like big, square dogs, platypus a river dwelling mammal with a duck-like beak and fur, dingos with golden eyes and emus with big eyes and a punk hairstyle.

Where ever you go in Australia, you find any beach. Specially in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold-Coast, Adelaide, Tasmania, too many beaches are available. Some of them are very well-known by local and tourist peoples, like: In Sydney- Bondi Beach, Manly, Coogee, Bronte, Maroubra, La-Perouse and Brighton –Le Sands where the captain cook first landed in Australia. In weekend most local peoples are go to in beach and they surfing, play basket ball, and also cook the B.B.Q over there with family members.

Culture and Sport

Australia’s cultural life is very diverse and exciting, offering world class opera, orchestras, theatre, concerts, modern dance and classical ballet, art galleries, comedy, musicals and Broadway shows.

Sport plays an important part in the lives of many Australians.

Australia is a country as diverse as it is fascinating and will offer a wealth of experiences no matter where you are placed. From beautiful beaches and modern cities to spectacular rainforests and the famous red outback plains, students can enjoy Australia's rich diversity. There are 7,000 beaches in Australia - more than any other nation. It is also the native habitat for the kangaroo and the koala. Australia's 3,400 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries offer natural beauty and the richness of Aboriginal culture. Australia's unspoiled natural environment, combined with the friendly nature of Australians, make it an excellent place to study abroad.

Telephone:  In Australia, there are four major companies who are leading in Telephone industry. They are:

1. Telstra
2. Optus
3. Vodafone
4. 3 Network

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Students on a student visa can work while studying in Australia. During semester, you can work up to 20 hours per week and during vacation you can work full time. Many colleges and universities offer a student employment service to help you find work.

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Most areas of Australia are 3-4 hours ahead of Asia, 8-10 hours ahead of Europe and 15-20 hours ahead of the American Continent.

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