Our services:

1. What we offer for our Students:

a2z services:

1. Student counselling,
2.Provide for all types of Australian/New-Zealand Institutionsí Information
3.Assistance in course selection
4. Career counselling.
5. Analysing & sorting out application requirements
    for admission/enrolment procedure.
6. Guidance and assisting with student visa applications.
7. Assistance with English language proficiency for the students who do not meet minimum IELTS requirements.

In addition we also provide with the following services for the students with very specific and special needs.
For instances:

8. Enrolment for IELTS.

9. Advice on appropriate financial supplement/loan.
10. Collecting fees.

11. Help to arrange studentís accommodation in abroad (temporary).
12. Advise on future job prospect for any particular career related field.

13. Arrange pre-departure briefing for all the students.

14. Arrange to book airlines tickets.
15. Airport pick-up (if needed).
16. Arrange for scholarships for brighter students.
17. Follow up with parents.
18. Internet browsing facilities for all students.

19. Arrange accommodation, like home stay/share/renting/dormitory/international house/on campus or budget hotels/hostels.

20. Can assist for Employment services for 20 hours per week and provide all employment contact address.

21. Assist for Health insurance
22. Travel advice/guide
23. Any on going support if required.

We also assist for opening a Bank Account for overseas students at Commonwealth, ANZ, St. George, National, Westpac, City,
ING or any sort of financial company and on going supports if required. 

2. Institutions Related Services:

  • Market intelligence reports.
  • Assisting in developing viable and practical marketing policies.
  • Advising international offices on advertising budgets.
  • Arranging recruitment and promotional trips.
  • Arranging and booking educational fairs/Seminars/Conferences/Promotional Activities.
  • Optimizing student targets.

         Feed back to institutions from parents and students.

         Arranging affiliations and collaborations with local and International institutions.

         Collect and manage all types of institutions information and arrange or organize to visit in foreign institutions and also
organize studentís seminar.

         Employee hiring and training for off-shore offices or any purposes.

         Attend national and international fairs.

         Arrange seminars and interview.

         Spot admission on behalf of our foreign partner colleges and universities.



When you are at Gateway' you experience the difference. We are keen to ensure that you get the BEST service Gateway.

At Gateway', we listen to our students. We'd like you to tell us the kind of services you think would add to our quality. Itís a continuous
process at Gateway. We welcome valuable suggestions coming from the International Institutions, students and their guardians or from
any International Representative. Please feel free for your suggestions. Thank you for your co-operation.

Phone: 61-02- 9597 7876
Fax: 61-02-9597 7873
Mobile:61+0402 636 680

Please, feel free to contact us if you are require any information. One of our staffs will be contact with you within 48 hours.